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Surgical and Non-Surgical Hair Restoration Options

Hair loss is a common problem. Don’t be embarrassed anymore with these treatment options.

As much as 25% of men are balding by age 30 and 65% are bald by age 60 according to The Doctors. Causes vary from genetics to hormonal changes, or even stress. Every hair loss patient has an option for treatment depending on the causes of hair loss and the patient’s lifestyle. Today on The Doctors, Dr. Paul McAndrews, a board certified dermatologist who specializes in hair loss, says that we all experience thinning hair to a certain degree. Our hair thins with age, and the extent of thinning is determined by genetics. Dr. McAndrews suggests treatments ranging from simply cosmetic to medications to surgical options.

Some people aren’t quite ready or perhaps aren’t candidates for other medical treatments, and a cosmetic solution is best. If you want to cover up your hair loss, wigs and hair pieces are available in a huge range of colors and prices. You can use either real hair or synthetics and you can choose a shade that matches your natural hair for easy blending. Also, there are products and methods of styling available that can make your natural hair appear thicker if you’re in the early stages of hair loss.

Products like Rogaine can be purchased over the counter that help slow hair loss and bring about new hair growth. Users should be prepared to wait 4 months before you see less hair loss, and it takes about 7 months before you’ll see new hair growth. The most important part of these treatments is to stick with it. Be consistent to see and maintain results.

Hair transplant surgery is a permanent solution. There are several methods and options available, one of which is Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). Some physicians perform this procedure using NeoGraft, a device that speeds up the follicle removal process. FUE is the removal of follicular unit (groupings of hairs, one’s, two’s and three’s) grafts, and used to be a very time consuming and expensive process. Also, there is no linear scar where the donor hair was harvested, and the recovery is shorter and more comfortable. Following the procedure, patients can get very short haircuts and have few restrictions following the procedure, which is great for athletes.

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