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The Battle Against Hair Loss: More Options for Hair Restoration

With advances in technology, hair loss can be treated with completely non-surgical to new technology in hair transplants.

Many men and women across the country suffer from thinning hair, hair loss and pattern baldness but hair restoration options have never been better. From foods that you can eat to help with thinning hair to prescription medication and new hair transplant technology such as NeoGraft, it may just be possible to defy genetics and thwart hair loss.

Recently, comedian Jon Lovitz asked cast members of The Doctors what he could do about a condition he has been dealing with for a while: thinning hair. While the doctors confirmed genetics are largely responsible for hair loss and thinning, there are also many options available to postpone, treat and even replace lost hair.

As technology advances, hair restoration options will continue to evolve to successfully address hair loss. Your genetics may dictate balding but technology may now give you the power to change that.

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